Get Involved


Thank you for your Interest in the Pregnancy Care Clinic!

The PCC volunteer staff is the heart of our ministry. We would not be able to function without them. Our volunteers serve in a variety of ways: as peer counselors, medical professionals, receptionists, laundry volunteers, Boutique volunteers, housekeepers for Clinics and Boutiques, Board members, fundraisers, Church liaisons, and yard and building maintenance workers.

The number of hours donated by our volunteers is extremely hard to estimate, but is in excess of 2,500 hours per year. If we were to hire people to provide these services, it would cost the Clinic more than to $30,000 per year in additional expenses.

The PCC is now accepting applications for the following volunteer positions:

  • Peer Counselors
  • Fundraising Committee Members
  • Housekeepers
  • Board Members
  • Receptionists
  • Admin Volunteers

Our Clinics are located in Oak Harbor and Langley. For more information or to obtain a volunteer application packet, please contact the Client Service Director in the location you desire:
Oak Harbor  (360) 675-2096
Langley      (360) 221-2909


Volunteer Training

Training will be provided to those who are interested in serving the needs of our clients. There is a small fee for the training manual. Each volunteer will be required to complete a 20-hour classroom-style course, and then on-the-job orientation is facilitated by the Client Service Directors. Volunteers will be provided with the skills that equip them to meet the needs of our clients.


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Peer Counselor:

Peer Counselors direct pregnancy testing and provide peer counseling and community referrals for clients. They facilitate parenting classes; distribute material goods as indicated, answer the phone and schedule appointments. They lovingly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Training is required.



Receptionists greet clients and distribute material goods as indicated. They facilitate parenting classes; answer the phone and schedule appointments. They offer community referrals as needed. They also lovingly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Training is required.


Board of Directors:

Board members work together to set overall goals and policies and procedures for the Pregnancy Care Clinic. The Board is responsible for governing the ministry and providing guidance and oversight to the Executive Director. Board meetings are generally once per month. The time commitment is approximately 6-15 hours each month. Training is required.


Church Liaisons:

Liaisons represent the PCC to their church bodies for special events, and with needs or concerns of the ministry. Specifically, liaisons provide their churches with information about Clinic fundraisers such as: the Annual Walk for the Wee Ones, the Auction, Desserts, the Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign and they let their church members know when there is a need for more PCC volunteers.


Admin Volunteers:

Admin Volunteers will help the Admin Secretary in various office admin duties. Some of the main duties would be to help assemble the monthly newsletter along with organizing the baby bottles (in high season) and other organizational projects.


Boutique Manager:

The Boutique Manager maintains and organizes the flow of material goods donated for the Boutique. Good organizational skills are important for this job. The Boutique Manager must follow set safety standards for donated equipment and clothing. This job includes instructing and supervising Volunteer Boutique Helpers in their assigned duty areas such as the laundry. Training is required.


Boutique Helpers:

Boutique Helpers sort and launder clothing and incoming baby-related equipment, re-donate or dispose of items that are not on the PCC list of acceptable donations, hang or display clothing and other maternity or baby items. This is a weekly or bi-weekly commitment with a flexible schedule. Training is required.



These volunteers are responsible for dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and other cleaning requirements. This can be a weekly or monthly commitment.


Handy-man/woman Volunteers:

These volunteers are on call to assist with carpentry or plumbing issues as they arise. They also help with painting and maintenance of the building. This is a year-round commitment, but services are only requested as needed.


Maintenance Men/Women:

These volunteers help with painting needs, lawn care, cleaning out rain gutters and snow removal as needed. Services are only requested when necessary.


Fundraising Committee Members:

Members plan and execute all fundraising activities and events including: the Walk for the Wee Ones, the Desserts, the Auction, and others as needed. The committee meets every second Wednesday of the month throughout the year and members generally help with all activities and events. However, even short-term help and participation is greatly appreciated. Meetings are held over lunch and generally run from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.


We ask that you prayerfully consider donating your time to this ministry.


The Pregnancy Care Clinic is a Christian non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. It does not perform or refer for abortions. All services are free and confidential. All donations are tax deductible.